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The Weight Of Silence (2009)

The Weight of Silence (2009)

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About book The Weight Of Silence (2009)

2 girls, Calli and Petra in the woods.Calli, mute since drunk dad yelled at her. (Supposedly a big mystery till the end...but not).Diff narrators, each chapter.Antonia- mom who never should've married Griff in the first place.Ben- 12 y/o older broMartin-Petra's fatherLouis-Dep. Sheriff (shoulda married Toni)The reader always found out what happened and then took forever! for the rest of the characters to finally catch up. For some reason or another I have always been drawn to these kind of stories. I have read other books in the past that have used a similar writing format and haven't liked them, so I was hesitant to continue reading. I was pleasantly surprised. Written from the point of view of several of the characters in the book, this gave it richness and more credible than other books I have read. Would gladly read this book again and reccomend it to others.

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Amazing author. The story is powerful and emotional.

very enthralling - could not put it down !!!!

Easy read. Interesting story.

I enjoyed this mystery.

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