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The Warlock (2011)

The Warlock (2011)

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0385735332 (ISBN13: 9780385735339)
Delacorte Press

About book The Warlock (2011)

Double cliff hanger!! Its all lead up to this point and the middle of the book wasn't all that great. This book is what I would call "A Transition Book". A transition book is a book that an author writes to get the readers up to spead when he could have just added a couple more books to the end of the last book. Nothing much happens in a transition book, but it is a book that needs to be written in order to keep the audience up to speed and usually end in cliff hangers. This book is a special exception. Instead of a cliff hanger, this book has two! I know what you are thinking... Books can only be a cliff hanger. Books are described as cliff hangers. But in my opinion, cliff hangers are described by the situation. In this book even though the twins and Dee are in the same palce, Dee's and the twins situations are very different. Even though I was rambeling on about how I see this book, I still love this book. Its amazing and I lone how the Flamels over came there problems. I really do hope that the Twins make up and save this world. This was probably the worst of the series. First of all were is the story even going with this insane plot. Yes I understand there is magic and mythical beast ,but seriously time travel. I going to say this the writing and description are good and all ,but that means nothing if the plot doesn't make sense. And even the detailing kind of fell flat. The biggest problem with this book is the filler. Yes that's right half of this book is just useless filler. Even when important stuff is being told you don't even realize it because you assume it's just going to be more useless information. I will agree in the first few books learning about the different myths and legends was interesting and pretty fun ,but if half the story is bios about different Greek gods or ancient animals it starts to get really annoying. I rated this two stars because it's part of one of my favorite series and it wasn't all just filler. Other than that if the first was like this I wouldn't have read the rest of the series. I hope the last one isn't like this.

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This book was a page turner from start to stop I can't wait to read the last book in the series!

That ending. Lol. Machiavelli and Billy... way to go boys!

Could not put it down!!!

Best one by far!!

Not my favorite

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