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The Walking Dead, Compendium 1 (2009)

The Walking Dead, Compendium 1 (2009)

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1607060760 (ISBN13: 9781607060765)
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Having been a fan of the series since episode 101, and an avid believer in and a stickler for reading the original material on which such things are based, I decided to read the comics.As far as how well I liked the story, characters, and the like contained within this compendium, I have to say I was on the fence. Some of the story lines and sequences progressed too quickly for my taste, and I felt they weren't developed deeply enough. My opinion on this matter may be largely due to my having plowed through each section in one sitting. In this respect, a compendium is perhaps not the best form in which to read these comics. I'd recommend instead reading the series in its original trade paperback form. This medium may make the events that take place less hurried/rushed.My having read this tome in less than a few days may also have skewed my level of interest in the characters. I felt I cared less about the characters as they appeared in the comics than I did for the TV show counterparts. This is largely due to the lack of strong female characters in the comics (apart from Andrea, Michonne, and Alice). I'm so glad Rob Kirkman adjusted the importance and temperaments of certain characters in the TV series compared to those in the comics. I feel I have more respect for and interest in the well being of TV show characters. This is particularly true for Carol and Tyreese. The former is my most favorite character in the TV series. Her growth as a person is admirable, and she is one of the strongest willed. She's my least favorite in the comics. With the things that one must worry about in a zombie apocalypse, who serves as one's significant other is the least important priority, in my opinion. Lori as also my least favorite character in the comics (less so in the TV series, but not by much) partly because I feel her anger toward Rick and judgement on others is hugely misplaced due to her history of behavior.All that said, I enjoy that the comics are rendered in black/white. It really adds to the mood of the situation in which the characters find themselves. The compendium is a little difficult to read, though, because it's so heavy, and is noticeably thus when one reads it for long periods of time. Thankfully this compendium is (mostly) a page turner that one seldom notices that one's legs have gone numb from having rested this veritable brick on one's thighs for longer than one hour without moving. I wish I'd read this before watching the show, because I have to agree that the show is better - it's not just the acting or the fact that the characters evolve towards savagery a bit more slowly and realistically. It's the pacing that's better. There's a lot in this compendium that's truly cinematic. The artistry is great. But some of the edginess is a bit unnecessary to me.I guess the difference is that I just don't _like_ the characters much in the comic. There isn't enough to make me root for them. Michone, Tyrese, Dale, Glenn, Maggie, Hershel - wait, basically everyone except Andrea - so much less likable in the comics. On the whole, the characters and character relationships just seem more complex in the tv show. The governor, for example - in the tv show, you hate him so much, and then you hope he can be redeemed, and then you hate him so much again. Rick seems much weaker in the comics too. At least so far, he hasn't lost his boyishness and gotten his savage kick yet. Maybe that's in compendium 2, or maybe that's just Andrew Lincoln's awesomeness.Anyway - worth reading. It's well done. Maybe I just was distracted by tracking the differences between the show and the comic.

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Can't wait to read the second compendium!

Meeeeeee Likey....

Very depressing.


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