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The Visible Man (2011)

The Visible Man (2011)

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1439184461 (ISBN13: 9781439184462)

About book The Visible Man (2011)

A classic invisible man tale with fun Klosterman mini-rants thrown in. The ridiculous storyline is made all the better/recursive by having one self unaware character discussing the flaws of another equally unaware person in a very self conscious way. This book is under-reviewed, and is frankly better than the slop I normally consume. Interesting why this particular author has such harsh "fans". The idea behind Klosterman's novel is mesmerizing. He's taken a very unlikable narrator and brought us into a very twisted world. As a fan of his essay collections, I was relieved to see how he brings the same insight of how media and identity intersect to his fiction. I thoroughly enjoyed this book although it was an uncomfortable read...just like Vicki, our therapist guide, it's easy to get sucked into to the charm and elusiveness of a sociopath.

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The book is eerie and creepy, but most importantly thought provoking. I really enjoyed this title!

I don't really know the rating I want to give to the book. I guess 3/5 is fine for now.

excellent book, but very dark and weird. not a feel good story

Oh my god there is probably someone in my house

Very strange narrator.

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