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The Unwritten #1: Tommy Taylor Y La Identidad Falsa (2010)

The Unwritten #1: Tommy Taylor y la identidad falsa (2010)

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Planeta DeAgostini Comics (Vertigo Comics)

About book The Unwritten #1: Tommy Taylor Y La Identidad Falsa (2010)

A secret cabal uses the power of fiction to influence reality. The author of a popular children's books series (which is totally NOT Harry Potter, but, yeah, pretty much like it) learns about this from a diary of Rudyard Kipling. Mark Twain makes a cameo, because he always does, but at least the Famous Author inserts don't feel too forced. I'm intrigued enough to read on and the artwork is nice. The way we tell our own stories (what do we exclude? what do we stress?) has fascinated me for years. This graphic novel adds new dimensions to this and results in an entanglement such as the one we see on the cover page. What if the story you wanted to tell was drowned out by a story written by your father. And how does popular fiction affect society and contribute to the larger narrative in society. These are the questions that I am asking myself reading this book.I liked the varied and self-aware use of styles to convey that we are watching a news show, reading a comic (the main story), following a bulletin board or people texting, looking at a map, watching a movie or remembering history in sepia colours. My biggest concern is that the characters of the main storyline are rather clean-cut and two-dimensional. If this is the main story, I'd rather journey with the struggling protagonist on the cover page who seems to be stuck in a swamp of many opposing currents. Or have it be fictionalised biographies of famous authors tied together into a larger narrative for the world.My favourite part was the final chapter on Kipling, however I'm eager to see where the story may lead.

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Strange stories indeed ... Is Tommy Taylor real or a fictional character?

interesting premise. okay artwork. average.

I liked the horror angle.

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