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The Uninvited Guests (2012)

The Uninvited Guests (2012)

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0307402533 (ISBN13: 9780307402530)
Knopf Canada

About book The Uninvited Guests (2012)

I really wanted to like this book more. And actually, I thought the book was "pretty cute" until about 2/3 of the way through, and then everything just went :PPPPP for me.First of all, I really had no idea what KIND of book I was reading. Was it a love story? A mystery? A ghost story? A comedy? No? What? All of the above? None? The author kind of tips her hat at all of these and then walks away from them, leaving me disappointed and wanting more from each storyline.Secondly, none of the characters are really all that likeable. Or fleshed out. Even Smudge, who I presume we are supposed to like, is actually kind of annoying. Yes, we should let our children be artistic and expressive, but come now. They just straight up ignore this child and she runs amok and basically ruins the house because of it.And speaking of fleshed out, just when I think we are getting somewhere with a plot twist... it goes away. Whatever happened with that apparent third sibling with an eye patch that John Buchanan swore the Suttons had? I was intrigued. The author? Apparently not so much. And what the heck happened with Charlie in Charlotte's bedroom? Is he like a shape shifter or something? And where did he go? Is he dead? Are we going to discuss this? No? Moving on? Okay. And oh my gosh! It turns out the passengers were ghosts! Wow! Let's talk about that! No? Guess we won't talk about that? Okay.... Oh. It's the end of the book. And the house is saved! And everyone is in love and happy now? Ok.I guess that's it then. The book started out pretty slowly. It seemed to take forever for the "guests" to arrive and then the book wasn't really about the guests as much as the people who lived in the house. The most exciting parts had to do with Charlie Traversham-Beechers. I'm one who likes everything happily tied with a bow at the end of a book, but this one seemed to rush to conclusion around page 200 - as if the author were told the book could only by xxx number of pages.

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This book is right on the verge of being about something, but it's not quite there.

Quick, easy, fun read. Not much to it, but good at the beach.

What a whacky story. I couldn't stop turning pages.

This book was so odd and quirky, I liked it.

Well, that was...unusual.

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