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The Two Pearls Of Wisdom (2009)

The Two Pearls Of Wisdom (2009)

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*Some minor spoilers ahead mixed in with a lot of ranting* I did not hate this book (edit: after writing this review I'm thinking maybe i actually did hate this book...), but I have a lot of problems with it. Mostly how effed up the character relationships are and how the author doesn't portray them as being effed up, but as being totally normal and healthy. Like the relationship she has with her "master". WTF? He beats her senseless all the time, but hey, she sorta loves him and he sorta loves her because there was sexual tension a few times, so it's ok! Nothing to worry about there! SMH. And the Prince. I guess, in a land of people being horrible and shitty, the Prince really isn't so bad... but is that how we gauge the quality of people? Like, since he only goes on murderous rages SOMETIMES he really isn't a bad guy. SMH again. And for all the main character talks about how she doesn't want to be a girl because you are powerless and can't be free, she sure as hell depends on her "master" to tell her every single freaking thing she should think and do, even after she gets an obscene amount of power. The more I think about all the things that made me mad about this book, the less stars I want to give it, but I finished it not hating it so there clearly had to be something I liked. I guess the idea of the magic is kinda interesting... although I don't think it was explained very well. I'm still not sure how their powers actually worked and I finished the sequel too. Yeah... I think I'm dropping this down to 2 stars. I tried to give it 3, but... I just couldn't. Also, I cannot enjoy any book that just accepts slavery into it's world like that is the right way of things. She frees a couple slaves, but she never once questions the validity of slavery. It just completely accepted, the way it is accepted that women should be subservient to men. I mean, did this author write this book just to piss off feminists? And one more thing, this is a MAJOR SPOILER**** so if you don't want to know what happens in book 2, don't read this, because I'm too lazy to review the second book along with this one. Here it is. She gets into a relationship with the Prince and the concubine thing is addressed ONE TIME basically in passing... and that's it. So the book ends with them being together but us having no idea if she is just like "sure I'll be another worthless concubine and let you sleep with a massive amount of other women whenever you want because my worth is only measured in how many male children I can produce" or if for some unforeseen reason they are just going to change the way their entire political system works. Because nothing ever indicated that anyone saw anything wrong with their political system except for some dragon stuff. That's it. SMMFH. (I added an extra MF in there... you can probably figure it out.) A fun read, but pretty standard writing and story. I liked the straight-forward storytelling, and after reading some heavy books this lighter read was a welcome change. On the plus side, it benefits from an Eastern flavor (in contrast to the more Euro-centric tradition of fantasy), and the casual addition of a trans character that I found to be very well-handled. Also, you don't always read a book that features a main female character who is crippled and disabled, so that was very cool.

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It is a very interesting fantasy book.. Its even in my top 10 books! I just loved it;)

Slightly Confusing

J-fantasy, fun.

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