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The Truest Heart (2005)

The Truest Heart (2005)

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I liked this book, but I thought the middle of the book was lacking in excitment. Some people may be turned on by the idea that he was all dark and brooding and she was always screeching at him...but not me. I like a comanding, mysterious, take charge kind of hero...but Gareth was annoying, not sexy, towards the middle of the book and her reaction to him was maddening.The beginning was very intriguing, that's what go me sucked in enough to buy the book after downloading a little sample from iBooks. I loved the concept of the two of them having hidden identies and pasts that conflicted so...beautifully ;)The way the two got married was very fun, and fast paced. I enjoyed that as well. However, I didn't understand why it took Gillian so long to accept him again, after he told her the truth about why he'd been on that ship. I also didn't understand why he was being so cold, callous, and cruel to her all of a sudden when obviously she was just feeling lost and broken and scared. She needed him, but yet he was manipulative and rude...which seemed out of character for him especially since the readers had just gotten to know him as a sweet, sexy hero when they were at the beach cottage.The end made up for it, and saved the novel. When Gareth got back from his trip doing King John's "bidding", they really connected and the couple was able to put aside the traits of theirs that were most annoying to me, and become in love.I liked having Gareth's son around, Robbie. Usually I don't like romance novels where one of the main characters had a former life with a former great love which they had childern however, it was cute. Robbie fell for Gillian quickly and accepted her as his mother figure. 1 last compliant: I am a King John fan. I love him dearly, and those who oppose his rule obviously haven't read Here Be Dragons by Sharon Kay Penman in which she spends a whole novel letting her readers get to know the awesome, sexiness which is John. I disliked the referenced to his evilness.

~May have slight spoilers.Lady Gillian is in hiding from the king--but not for her own deed but that of her father. He sent her and her brother away to different locations deep in the night knowing the king may try to use them or worse yet kill them for his treason.Gareth, his name, is the only thing he knows of himself when he awakes in Lady Gillian cottage. A dreadful storm cast his ship to the rocks where he was the only one to survive--barely if not for Lady Gillian nursing him back to health. But still as his body mends his mind mends slower but the lost memories soon begin to come forth and with them the horrid realization of why he was on the ship to begin with.For all that I love Samantha James--she is truly an amazing author--there was just something about this novel that kept me from really loving it.I do not know what though, I have nothing against the Hero nor Heroine.Lady Gillian was very vulnerable I thought but at the same time she had a strong will that kept her going.Gareth was very strong as well--commanding. But he was very honorable man, which Gillian seems to know from the very beginning, even though she has her doubts but then who wouldn't be weary of a strange man swept ashore?I do believe one thing I did not like about this novel was though we get good plot between Gillian and Gareth the secondary stuff--like with king John and the barons was kind of lack.I would recommend this novel to anyone who loves Samantha James.

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Robbie was still waiting for an answer. “How will the babe get out?” he said again. Gillian bit her lip. “Robbie…” “Does Papa know?” Gillian glanced at Lynette, whose eyes were sparkling. Lynette’s brows arose, as if she, too, awaited an answer. “Aye,” she said weakly. Robbie gazed at her calmly. “Perhaps he will tell me when he returns.” All at once his childish lips puckered thoughtfully. “But wait. How did the babe get in your belly?” Gillian was utterly mortified. She was certain her face was crimson, and she heartily wished she’d never broached the subject! “Did he crawl?” Gillian longed to sink through the floor. “Robbie, I-I cannot say. But I think you are right. ’Tis a good question between father and son.” “You seem much perplexed.” Robbie crossed his arms over his small chest and nodded. “Perhaps you should ask Papa, too.” “Perhaps I should,” she said faintly. “Perhaps he will even show you.” Gillian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Indeed, she thought vaguely, he already had… “He showed me how to ride my pony, you know,” Robbie boasted. She gulped. “Your father is…a man of great knowledge and…and many abilities.” Lynette’s shoulders were still shaking with barely restrained mirth as she exited the room. One thing was certain, Gillian decided. She would most assuredly not linger should Robbie pose such questions of Gareth in her presence.

I really liked this one! It was so fantastical and romantic. We have the lady Gillian, held hidden away in a cottage in Cornwall and the dashing young knight, Gareth, who happens to wash away onto the shore following a shipwreck and a storm. The only survivor, she nurses him back to health (in quite an erotic way!), he suffers from amnesia, they wind up passionately involved, etc. etc. Of course there is this constant thread of tension throughout the story. But I loved the speed of the whole thing. It was an enjoyable Sunday afternoon read.

Despite how much I disliked Gillian for most of the book I still have to give this 4 stars. Despite her character flaws this was a really enjoyable book. But, goodness, I wanted to slap her so many times! Gillian was great in the beginning of the book. I really liked her character. She was sweet and generous and took such care of Gareth when he was ill. Then when the truth was revealed about Gareth being sent to kill her she became this big beeatch! It just got ridiculous the way she kept fighti
—Lynsey A

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