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The Thirteenth Tale (2006)

The Thirteenth Tale (2006)

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About book The Thirteenth Tale (2006)

What first got me interested in this book was the title page and the illustration, but I never imagined what the story was going to be about. The mystery in this book, I believe, is well used. You finish the book with the desire of knowing more, but at the same time you are satisfied. To me, the story is quite original and very related with book lovers, so one feels comfortable and related in that way. This is modern Gothic at its very best. Without a touch of supernatural, this author has made a gothic haunting masterpiece. I have not shared this book with anyone who has not come back and said it is one of their favorite books of all time.To call it entertaining is an understatement. It is addictive and enthralling reading.Beautiful and dark, it is haunting and will remain with the reader for years.

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Slow start but great book once you got into it. Loved it.

I loved this well told suspenseful novel.

Really good novel and mystery.

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