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The Testing (2013)

The Testing (2013)

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0547959109 (ISBN13: 9780547959108)
Houghton Mifflin Books for Children

About book The Testing (2013)

Wow. All I can say is wow! This is literally one the absolute craziest books I have ever read! When I started the book I never expected the testing to be like it was! Every step of the testing process shocked me! There aren't many authors who can write horror like this! In a time when dystopian fiction rules the YA world, this book stands out and impresses in a way that similar books, like divergent, really didn't. Personally, I won't be forgetting this book anytime soon! If you are on the fan train of dystopian novels then this book is for you. I do admit I have a guilty pleasure for The Hunger Games and Divergent series. The Testing is very similar. Cia is chosen from her colony to go to the capital city of the United Commonwealth for the Testing. If she passes she will enter the University and help to bring her country back from the damage of devastating past wars. The night before she leaves her father, who also went through the testing gives her a warning, trust no one . Her father describes the flashbacks and pieces of the testing he remembers, challenges of mental and physical strength and the friends he lost during the process. Cia faces a number of challenges during the testing. Will she be string enough to survive? Will she take her father's warning to heart? Do you have what it takes to pass the Testing? Cia is about to find out.

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Didn't finish - very similar to Hunger Games. Having to pass a test to go higher in society.

finished this a couple of weeks ago a bit like the hunger games and divergent. AMAZING!!

one of my favorite Utopian novels. Could not put the book down. great read:)

Amazing amazing amazing amazing!!! I loved this book so much!!!!

More of a 3.5 really...

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