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The Tenth Insight: Holding The Vision (1998)

The Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision (1998)

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About book The Tenth Insight: Holding The Vision (1998)

A very insightful (no pun intended) book. The Tenth Insight is very complex, as it involves several different things at the same time:-tRecognition of more than the physical (Earthly) dimension – similar to the second insight-tRemembering who one is via one’s birth vision –what is your mission on Earth? – and whether one is focused enough and disciplined enough respectively, to fulfilling the birth vision and bringing it about-tRecognizing in remembering one’s birth vision that one also has a birth group – spirit (ancestral) guides who share one’s birth vision, -tBeing mindful that every life form provides us either with an insight as to what we are to do at a particular time to either add to the birth vision or provides clues as to what we are to do *(in recognition of ourselves)* next in our own birth vision journey, and -tRecognizing that one integrates oneself with several other people who we could have interacted with in previous lives but in those people each remembering their own birth visions and having their own spirit groups, integrate with you, and to bring everyone else into awareness of their own birth vision and the resulting common World Vision we all have toward remembering, connecting to and integrating the physical (Earth) plane to the spiritual (Afterlife) plane – recognizing that we are all really part of the divine. Yes, it is a lot, but told in a very compelling story format. Yes, the story unfolds as coincidental, but that is the first insight (from the previous book) all over again … the lesson is, we need to be(come) aware of those coincidences and recognize what they mean and the purpose(s) they are to fulfill.

While the first book of the series was well made and had a lot of real life applications, this book disappointed me greatly.The various occult teachings embedded in the story where wrong. The writer used many occult teachings and scrambled their meaning leading to misinformation. I don't think this was done on purpose, but the book seemed to me more like occult fiction.I started this book thinking i would read a book strong on the occult and an enlightening meaning hidden between the lines. While reading it i liked the main story line and the characters. At the middle of the book i was stumbled at the occult explanation. He was explaining ideas already known to me and it seemed that he didn't knew what he was talking about. This thing got even worse later in the book. The writer bases his conclusions on these misconceptions and this invalidates them.On the final part of the book the writer writes his conclusions. I expected to see a realistic solution but i was disappointed to read a utopian/unrealistic solution.Also was greatly disappointed with the hidden agendas/meanings in the book. I wont say more, but they made me completely lose trust in the writer. It seems the success of the first book raised him to the front line. I'll read the next books with greater caution. I unfortunately have already bought them.

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Apparently this is the third book in a series by Redfield, about "insights" which appear to be visions, or the ability to go into another dimension, such as the afterlife (not to be confused with Heaven), while there you receive information about past lives, the process of choosing your parents and why, and others that are a part of you life now and in the past. This book is about the main character is contacted and told a friend of his, Charlene is missing this leads him to go on a quest to find her and in this quest runs into others who are looking for the Insights (as he is). It is interesting the way he incorporates Darwin's thepry, as well as all major religions in his belief system. I found some of that interesting, but the Native American's insights on the animals and the earth made it better. Also his definition of prayer was interesting. It would be nice a lot of this could take place, like people suddenly awaking and stopping the greed, pollution and aggression in the world.

i too walked away from each insight with a sense of 'enlightenment' (some more than others) but what I believe to be true when taking on this type of awareness, it comes in waves, and you must experience things in a synchronized fashion. Meaning maybe it just wasnt time for you to fully grasp the lesson or that was all you needed to grasp. sorry, not drafting and sleep deprived haha but i hope this makes sense

In the sequel to The Celestine Prophecy, Redfield moves the fictional spiritual adventure to the wilds of the North Carolina Appalachians, an area with which the author is quite familiar. His knowledge of the flora and fauna of the area as well as topography, resulted in the setting feeling more realistic to this reader. The unnamed protagonist has returned home from Peru and has isolated himself after trying to incorporate the 9 Insights into his life and becoming frustrated by people's lack of understanding. It is a phone call that his friend Charlene, who was the person who was caused him to go to Peru to begin with, is lost somewhere in the Appalachian wilderness. Due to the strong connection he has with Charlene, he enters the forest and in the process meets again with Wil, who has already progressed beyond the 9th Insight, and is experiencing the 10th Insight, one that has never been written down. It can only be found in a person's own internal insight, when merging with others who too begin to have an internal vision of the 10th insight and how the history of the world has taken man to the societal turmoil we are in today. While searching for Charlene the protagonist has visions of the past, meets the very same people from his past life who will play an essential role in this life. It will take their combined knowledge of the 10th Insight to save a pristine valley from destruction by an intense energy source that is the obsession of a man who once held the same beliefs of a World Vision that the other 6 major players in this tale hold. They may have stopped this man in this valley, but it isn't over yet.

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