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The Sum Of All Kisses (2013)

The Sum of All Kisses (2013)

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0062072927 (ISBN13: 9780062072924)

About book The Sum Of All Kisses (2013)

Julia Quinn is definitely the author who can make one have sleepless night thinking and giggling about a story. The sum of all kisses is the mathematics we all need in our life. Hugh and Sarah is a character which potrays wittness and they are also good in having a smart conversation. This book will be loved by people who likes smart conversation. If you like pride and prejudice then this book is for you.Hugh might not be Mr.Darcy but he has character which we all will fall in love for. He has moral values one can learn from and not to forget the fighting spirit of Lady Sarah. It is a bold and remarkable book. 3.4 stars. Of the 3 books in this series, this was the weakest. I'm a little disappointed in JQ for the much ado about nothing. If I could I would have played it at 1.5x speed but alas I cannot on my phone. A lot of the dialogue between Sarah and her siblings/ cousins was boring and dragged. Hugh was more interesting. I did like how Sarah learned empathy for Hugh the hard way and also the dance scene between them. I couldn't quite believe the drama when Sarah found out about Hugh's contract with his father, it might have been shocking but it seemed to have broken them up at least temporarily. Later, the meeting Hugh's father was another eye roller of a melodrama.

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nooooo! sarah abd hugh are a stupid match >>>>>>>

well done


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