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The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale Of Christmas Terror (2008)

The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror (2008)

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william morrow

About book The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale Of Christmas Terror (2008)

While looking for a Christmas book for our reading group this December, that was not saccharine or sweet, I came across this. I had not read anything by Christopher Moore before and so I was not sure what to expect; but this is certainly not saccharine - just very, very funny. Many of the characters seem to have appeared in previous books, but that did not matter in this stand-alone story, as the author cleverly introduces the characters of Pine Cove; a sleepy Califormanian coastal village. Well, sleepy until Christmas anyway.The story begins with evil developer Dale Pearson (dressed as Santa) having an altercation in the parking lot of Thrifty-Mart with his ex-wife Lena Marquez. Later, when he discovers her digging up Christmas trees on his land the argument continues and Lena accidentally kills him. This is witnessed by two people - one, handsome pilot Tucker Case, who helps her bury the body (as you would, obviously, come to the aid of a damsel in distress - even a murderous one) and the other is a young boy, Joshua Barker, who is deeply disturbed at the murder of Santa. Does this mean Christmas is cancelled? At the same time, Pine Cove is visited by the Archangel Raziel, who is on Earth to grant a child a Christmas wish.Before long, the story is mired in a plotline of sex, drugs and murder. Theo Crowe, the local constable, is supposed to be tracking down what happened to Dale. His attempts are hampered by his wife, Molly, who has retreated into her B-Movie Warrior Princess mode, a fruitbat called Roberto, a crazy Archangel on the loose and, oh yes, the dead are rising from their graves... This is a surprisingly funny, rather charming read, but do be aware that there are lots of adult themes. If you are in any way offended by the outrageous or the indecent, you may wish to avoid this. If not, then you will find a Christmas book which is very different to most around at this time of year; full of quirky characters and lots of laughs. Rating: 3.5

I just picked this book for our book club's December read but couldn't wait until December to read it. I guess you can say that a little Christmas mayhem is good for any time of the year. And if you think Christmas tales are rather lame, peruse this single paragraph at the beginning of the novel.In another Christmas story, Dale Pearson, evil developer, self-absorbed woman hater, and seemingly unredeemable curmudgeon, might be visited in the night by a series of ghosts who, by showing him bleak visions of Christmas future, past, and present, would bring about in him a change to generosity, kindness, and a general warmth toward his fellow man. But this is not that kind of Christmas story, so here in not too many pages, someone is going to dispatch the miserable son of a bitch with a shovel. That's the spirit of Christmas yet to come in these parts. Ho, ho, ho.The Stupidest Angel is anything but the normal Christmas tale. Christopher Moore has revived the residents of Pine Cove, and some other characters from his other novels, with all their silliness and insanity and added an angel that is one part the Terminator and two part Jim Carry from Dumb and Dumber. This rather short novel has more one-liners than a Henny Youngman convention and more laughs than a barrel of tea party congressmen. I especially loved the return of Roberto T. Fruitbat from Island of the Sequined Love Nun but you do not need to have read any of Moore's other novels to enjoy this one. Put this on your Christmas list and hope someone doesn't kill Santa Claus before December.

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I can't even really say what this is about without giving anything away. Let's just say that the stupidest angel's mission to create a Christmas miracle goes horribly, hilariously awry in ways that only Christopher Moore could write about.This wasn't quite as funny as I expected it to be, but I think since reading A Dirty Job as my first Moore novel, my expectations for the rest have been unrealistically high. I still laughed all through the book though, and drove my husband crazy reading him funny quotes from the book that probably in all honesty made no sense out of context. The hubby's a good sport though, and laughed along with me.Here's a sampling that will hopefully make sense without giving anything away."Dressed in their red suits and fake beards, {the Salvation Army Santas} rang their bells like they were going for dog-spit gold at the Pavlov Olympics.""{A black lab} was crowding Gabe in the doorway, his beefy tail beating against the open door like a Snausage war drum.""'Merry Christmas, you doomed sons a' bitches!' said Santa."I wouldn't be surprised if Moore has spent his entire life waiting to write the book that goes with that last quote. It's just too funny!If you're feeling a little overly-sugar-and-spiced, pick this book up for a nice change of pace. Just don't buy it for your grandmother. Christopher Moore warns you against that himself.
—JG (The Introverted Reader)

I don't think a book has made me laugh this much since Good Omens The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch. I want to be the Warrior Babe of the Outland and fight zombies who want to eat brains and go to IKEA. I saw the movie Zombieland this past weekend and that might have just put me in the right frame of mind for this book.Humor in literature is a very subjective thing. What makes one person laugh his butt off is just dumb and annoying to someone else. I love the humor of Connie Willis and I am amused by the Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde. I've had quite a few laugh-out-loud moments reading Jim Butcher's Dresden Files series. Personally, I just didn't find The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy or the first book in the Discworld series, The Color of Magic, funny at all, but a lot of people I know love these books. So, if you read The Stupidest Angel and hate it, don't blame me. We just might not have the same taste.I don't know why I haven't read any of Christopher Moore's work before. If this is anything like his other books, I now now where to turn when I need a book that will make me laugh.Oh, and there is a parental caution. This book is definitely R-rated for sexuality, language and adult situations.

Christopher Moore's The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror is another audiobook to entertain, even at 5 A.M. on the commute into the city. My husband and I have gotten into a habit of listening to audiobooks in the car when we travel to and from work, and when we take little road trips.Christopher Moore's books seem to be the most addictive for us even with the sometimes dark humor and harsh content. The Stupidest Angel is no exception.The book is set in Pine Cove, Calif., where the Archangel Raziel is set upon Earth to grant a Christmas wish to one child. That child is Josh Barker. Unfortunately, Josh has no idea what is in store when he asks the angel to bring Santa Claus back to life.With characters like a Warrior babe named Molly, a pot-smoking constable--her husband, a DEA helicopter pilot, and a evil developer, among others, there was nothing to do but sit back and laugh at the follies, misunderstandings, and interactions between these characters. Of course, there had to be a speaking, sunglasses wearing, fruit bat named Roberto! These characters stumble around in their relationships with one another, insulting their spouses and their friends, only to make up in the end, but the ride is raucous.It gets even crazier in Pine Cover when Molly goes off her medications and starts hearing the narrator in her head, giving her direction. She wonders off into the woods naked and carrying a Japanese sword where she meets Raziel who only wants to eat the marshmallows out of the cocoa packets. Meanwhile, zombies are raging war against the townspeople at the Lonesome Christmas celebration in the local church. The resolution to this story is truly in the Christmas spirit, but the ride to its conclusion is hilarious and action-packed.

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