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The Strange Case Of Origami Yoda (2010)

The Strange Case of Origami Yoda (2010)

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0810984253 (ISBN13: 9780810984257)
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About book The Strange Case Of Origami Yoda (2010)

I really enjoyed this book. It was a book that relayed a great message through a fun ad relatable way. It talks about how each person has more than meets the eye, and many times we hide behind different sources of schrades to cover up who we really are. It relays the message that everyone no matter who they has something very special about them, and if only they were to open up, the world would see that as well. This book teaches in a fun way, that getting the attention of someone special at times is what motivates us to open up.I would recommend this book for children ages 8-14. It is fun for children of this age group who can easily relate to it. This story was a good book by Tom Angleberger. It is about an odd sixth grade boy, Dwight, he makes a yoda like the one from Star Wars out of paper. He convinces his friends that the Origami yoda he made can predict the future, or peoples thoughts. In reality, Dwight speaks for origami yoda and makes obvious predictions. When a friend mentions that his origami was just a worthless piece of paper he gets angry and rips it up. The friend gets upset with the fact that he made Dwight rip up his yoda and so he makes his own origami yoda out of paper. However, he makes Dwight jealous because now he has his own yoda that's better. Dwight then sees that his friends yoda can't make accurate predictions like his. That leads up to a big fight between both of them. In my opinion I like Dwight's origami yoda more than his friends.

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great book to introduce scientific process. fun book and i like how Dwight is himself.

My 4th grade son really likes how this book is written & of course likes the topic.

It was cute. I loved how Dwight embodied that weird kid in school.

Aaaaah... The things we do for our kids

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