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The Snow Walker (2004)

The Snow Walker (2004)

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This collection of short stories by the Canadian writer Farley Mowat, is outstanding proof of his versatility. Although many of his best books are almost unplanned, coming to fruition after some sort of initial spontaneous combustion (I'm thinking of "People of the Deer" especially), the fictional elements in "The Snow Walker" indicate a methodical mind capable of forming well crafted prose. All these stories take place in the Arctic, or have to do with it. Many are based on people Mowat met on his travels or heard about from others. They contain the grains of ideas and don't attempt to do more than expand that one notion, as I think short stories should. Hence the stories are focussed and the issue at hand is brought into sharp relief, sometimes in only a few pages. Like a number of Mowat's works, this one has been used in schools for many years, and deservedly so, as it is some of the best Canadian short fiction of its kind (i.e., about the Arctic).

This is a collection of short stories about the Inuit tribe in Northern Canada. First off, let me just say, brrr...! It is amazing to me that anyone could live in such frozen, icy conditions. Second, these are not lovely, light stories. They are full of tragedy and heartache. I certainly feel educated about how people manage to live in the arctic regions. Some of the stories are happier than others, and some are wild, nearly unbelievable tales with fantastic adventures.I have read two other books by Mowat, both of which I really liked: Never Cry Wolf : Amazing True Story of Life Among Arctic Wolves and Owls in the Family. Generally speaking Mowat is more light-hearted and humorous, though he is serious and passionate about ecology and the environment, which usually makes his works excellent.Certainly not recommended for the faint of heart.

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I read most of Mowat's books when I was in college at U of M and thought I wanted to go and live in Alaska. Boy, was that ages ago!!Terry purchased 9 books in Virginia City!It was so great to see you, however briefly.A.

This is a great little book of short stories that are based on northern life, especially of natives in the far northern Canada area. He reminds me a little of Jack London in his stories. The book gets its title from one of the short stories which was also used for the movie by the same name. He is a very good story teller and offers very unigue stories. It is a small book and easy reading and well worth your time. But be aware that these are not pretty little stories. It was and still is a very harsh and barren land and his stories tell it as it was and is.

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