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The Silent Sea (2010)

The Silent Sea (2010)

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0399156259 (ISBN13: 9780399156250)
Putnam Adult

About book The Silent Sea (2010)

I would not have made it through two-thirds of this book had it not been for the fact that my husband and I were listening to it on a long journey and we had nothing else to read. Frankly, we both found the novel boring. While it is full of action and intrigue, and will probably appeal to a reader interested in weapons and military-style operations, it is completely lacking in depth. The characters are one-dimensional and there seems to be no subtext. It is what Afrikaans-speaking people call a "skiet en donner" book — or, in rough translation, a "shoot and punch" offering. Not my cup of tea at all.I gave the book a 2-star rating because it passes the test of grammar and literary layout. However, I am cured of ever trying another Clive Cussler novel. I cannot see what all the fuss is about, why readers would opt for something this clumsy when there are so many other, far more informative and well-researched action novels out there. I was expecting the usual story-line, but I was definitely surprised by this book. The story itself was different i.e. the powers being Argentina and China and the characters faced some difficult situations to the point that one of them dies. Would have liked it if there was a bit more history involved, but I guess this series focuses more on the action and stories of the Corporation. A good read nevertheless.

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I enjoyed this wonderfully improbable romp through Argentina and Antarctica

Some parts were good but others dragged and were hard to visualise.

Really enjoyed this one. Great adventure!

Not as Good as Dirk, but good!

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