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The Secrets Of Dr. Taverner (2002)

The Secrets of Dr. Taverner (2002)

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About book The Secrets Of Dr. Taverner (2002)

I've been slowly reading my way through these stories as an ebook. At first the writing style appeared clumsy, each case was solved and then Dr Tavverner would sit and explain the occult principles or the "message" of each tale. But as the stories progressed they got more interesting and less heavy handed. There are some beautiful, spooky and romantic stories as well as some interesting discussion of the Western Magical Tradition. Having had a background in psychology I found the setting of the psychiatrist as the psychic investigator to be very interesting. As the author was trained in psychiatry it was a nice juxtaposition between the occult and the modern science. There is also some discussion on the rights of women and ethnic minorities that at first come across as frighteningly racist and sexist but the message that comes across in the end is that those beliefs are incorrect and everyone deserves respect. Despite being a selection of short stories the narrator himself undergoes his own journey. Perhaps part of the reason the quality of the stories improves through the book is the narrator's increased acceptance of the world around him. But I thoroughly enjoyed this and will definitely read more by this author.

So entertaining to read this book as metaphysical Sherlock Holmes/Watson cases. I truly loved the characters of Dr. Taverner/Dr. Rhodes. These stories are stranger than fiction. That is for sure. In particular, the first story, called Blood Lust, a vampire tale, illustrated to me just how flat that genre has become in modern story-telling. Much better to deal with it from an etheric point of view. Very other-worldly undertones in these cases that leaves one unsettled at times. These stories are certainly not for everyone.

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still reading it but am more than halfway through. this is the first book by Dion Fortune (Violet Mary Firth), the famous occult writer, I am reading and am very pleasantly surprised. I had heard her fiction writing was really good (in addition to her well known non-fiction occult titles) but had no idea until I picked up this book on my Kindle. Dr. Taverner is a Sherlock Holmes-like character -but MUCH more loveable- tackling paranormal/occult cases. as almost every other commentator had also pointed out, the stories are full of glimpses to Fortune's own spiritual path -but not in a didactic sort of manner at all. she's a terrific writer and this book is absolutely charming.

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