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The Scent Of Rain And Lightning (2010)

The Scent of Rain and Lightning (2010)

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About book The Scent Of Rain And Lightning (2010)

Nancy Pickard takes us to Rose, Kansas where a man’s conviction of murder has been overturned and he is returning back to the scene of the crime. That shakes up the whole town but especially the family of the man who was killed and whose daughter-in-law is still missing. Their daughter Jody takes us through her story and finds things may take her down a very unexpected path.Colin Crosby, the son of the man convicted of murder had a very interesting story as well. His father treated him terribly but he still grew up and became a lawyer and he was the one that was able to get the man’s conviction set aside.Pickard has woven a story that could have taken place anywhere but she makes Rose, Kansas come alive and draws the reader right in. The vibrant characters jump off the page, but the story evolves slowly unveiling the mystery and the truth. The family is very close, brought closer by tragedy. She explores family relationships and the secrets and lies that can either draw a family together or rip it apart.I was so impressed with the easy flow. There were surprises and twists but I would not call this a thriller as other reviewers have. It has a totally different kind of feeling. In addition to the mystery there is also an underlying love story that added another element to an already fabulous story.I am truly sorry it took me so long to read this story. It was getting great reviews when it first came out that made me buy the book and while a few years have passed it is still getting those great reviews. If like me you missed this story when it first came out it is one that shouldn’t be missed. Add to your reading schedule as soon as you can. I really enjoyed this book.We've got Rose, a small Kansas town; we've got the big successful ranching family with three strapping brothers; we've got the villian farmhand who bathes in trouble; we've got the murder, the victim's daughter aged only three, and we've got the victim's wife, who oozes lust.What's there not to like or intrigue?The said villian Billy Crosby, was locked up for life 23 years ago, but now his lawyer son gets him out of jail for a retrial.The townsfolk all have their opinions of the rights and wrongs of what happened all those years ago.I just loved all the building intrigue and tension, and the feeling that you're right there, sitting on a rooftop, watching all this incident packed drama unfold.A fabulous read!

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I thought it was well written. An easy summer read.

It got better as I went along..

good read, some fun twists

I didn't see that coming.


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