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The Rope (2012)

The Rope (2012)

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0312614578 (ISBN13: 9780312614577)
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About book The Rope (2012)

This books is a precursor showing why Anna Pigeon became the ranger we know her to be. Having found improbable scenes in a number of the other books, this one surpasses them all. It was captivating reading to see how she got out of one impossible desert national park death-inducing situation after another. Nevertheless, to say that situation after scenario was farfetched would be a gross understatement. Nevada Barr's prequel featuring Anna Pigeon is the beginning of Anna's job took her first job with the National Park Service. Her husband has recently die and the business of New York and her mind numbing drinking has forced her to make a life change. Fresh from the city Anna find herself hiking on her time of not properly prepared. When she doesn't return and all her belongings are gone her co-workers figure she just couldn't handle the job. Where has she gone to> will she be found? Whose responsible for her disappearance?This prequel shows the reader the beginning of Anna's life in the National Forest system and the building of her character. I am glad I chose to read this wonderful suspenseful book. I have been a fan of Nevada Barr for years.If I had never read her books I know this one would have had me looking for more.

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It wasn't as good as each of her other books - appeared to be a totally different style of writing.

A great look at how Anna came to work for the NPS. Good back story.

I always like the Anna Pigeon stories.

Not the ending I expected. Very good.

Another good Anna Pigeon book:o)

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