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The Rocker Who Holds Her (2013)

The Rocker Who Holds Her (2013)

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Anna Henson

About book The Rocker Who Holds Her (2013)

I loved the first book The Rocker that Holds Me which was from Emmie's point of view and now getting the story from Niks point of view was just a special treat. The first part of the book is the same one from The Rocker that Holds Me just from Niks perspective. We also get a bit more of his backstory, learning that his father used to beat him while his mother stood by and watched, we learned a few years later that his mother dies and that Nik was actually raised by his aunt whom he thought of as his real mother. We learn that Nik met Emmie when she was five years old and living in the trailer next to his. She was five years old and crying while hugging a teddy bear outside his trailer. Nik hates Emmie's mother because she is a drunk drug addict who abuses her daughter and only cares about her addictions while she neglects her daughter. Nik and Emmie share a kindered spirit because Nik has also suffered from a similar upbringing. Nik vows to take care of Emmie along with his band mates Shane, Drake and Jesse who are all like brothers. They watch over her for the next few years until their band Demon's Wings finally makes it big and they have to move away to California. If they could have they would have taken Emmy but they couldn't. Emmie grows up and then comes on tour with the guys and steps in to handle managing their lives and careers. Emmie and Nik eventually confess their feelings for each other and have a daughter named Mia. The story retells the original from Nik's eyes but also brings about the birth of their daughter Mia via planned C Section. Nik tells us about his and Emmie's struggle with her post pardom depression and how the first few weeks of their new family life goes. Emmie tells us about her fear of marrying Nik and the couple talks about their jealousy and true feelings. We meet the special women in Jesse and Drake's lives, there is an unexpected wedding, lots of laughter and a HEA for our beloved couple Nik, Emmie and their daughter Mia. I first The Rocker That Holds Me, the first book in this series, and really enjoyed it. Like others, I thought it was a bit too short to be completely satisfying as a book, but what can you do? And then I read this one.This is the same book as The Rocker That Holds Me, from Nik's point of view instead of Emmie's, with a lot of added detail. A LOT. Too much in fact. Towards the end of the book, when it progresses further than the first one, you think, "Cool, we get to read more about what happened after they got over their problems and got together." But no. You get to read too much.The author added a whole lot of unnecessary shit to their relationship, making it way harder for them to finally be happy than it needed to be. It was unnecessary for her to SPOILERSget post natal depression and then when she's recovered decide she didn't want to marry him, because she was afraid he's leave her if they got married. WHAT KIND OF REASONING IS THAT!?And having them get married ages after they got engaged, allowing for all his other band mates to meet their own women and get married, and then throwing all those unnecessary characters into the end of this book with shittily tied in, "and that's how blah blah came into our lives" in case you haven't read the other books in the series and don't know who they are. Which, by the way, I haven't, as I was in too much of a hurry to read more of Nik and Emmie's story.So: good book to a point. And after that point, just put it down and walk away, with the knowledge that they eventually get their shit together and get married.

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couldn't finish the last 10%.... all to much of a repeat amand really boring

LOVED reading about their love story through NiK's eyes

I loved seeing his side of the story! it was great!

Loved it!!! :)

My least fav

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