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The Rocker That Holds Me (2013)

The Rocker That Holds Me (2013)

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Anna Henson

About book The Rocker That Holds Me (2013)

I liked the idea of this book but some of the stuff that happened in it was pretty unbelievable. No court would give custody of a 15 year old girl to a group of rocker guys. Seriously? WTF. Also, the whole premise of this book is based on miscommunication and that's so annoying. This book also needs to be revised to correct all the typos and grammatical errors. Having said that I do love the idea of this series and have book crushes on the rockers. My first and definitely not my last Terri Anne!This book was beyond amazing, I wish it were a bit longer, but it was enough.Not as sexual as I thought it was going to be, but I loved it.I just knew her secret though, I guessed it before I even read it. And the more I read it the more sure I was.Great romance novel, kind of glad it wasn't a rock star gang bang type book.LOVE IT!5 rocking stars!Would recommend this to any person who's into romance novels ^_^

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It's a cute story - nothing too heavy, just a nice Sunday afternoon read

This was an okay read for me nothing to blow me away.

I loved it, it was the perfect story!!!

4.5 stars...

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