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The Remaining (2000)

The Remaining (2000)

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About book The Remaining (2000)

This is a zombie apocalypse book with zombies in the format of '28 Days'. It was an okay read, actually a listen through Audible. It was short, predictable, and just another in the genre so in vogue today. I am an apocalypse story fan, but not a zombie fan. The reviews made the book sound like it was more on the apocalypse side of the fence than the zombie side. Only having five stars to work with I find it hard to be fair to what I think are truly great reads and the not great reads. I use 3 stars to rate as average. This would be a take it or leave it on my book shelf.I will say that there was a sad part that brought a tear to my eye. This audio book was on purchased on a special that was running, and I have the full series. Half way through the second book I can tell you that it is much improved, and at this point I would rate it as a 4 star. Of course I have not finished the second book so the review is not out. Though I'm not one to pick up a horror novel, I was completely engrossed in The Remaining and surprised at how much not only did I enjoy it but also how real the scenario became. It's become common knowledge that novels, movies, and television shows have been taken up by the Zombie fad, but The Remaining made this a more real scenario then any high budget action movie could. The character of Lee Harden could very well be a real person working for a secret government plan of rebuilding a working civilization if ever something like the infected happen. That's how well this is written. I found myself feeling the terror and dred that this man must feel carrying that weight on his shoulders. The only complaint really about the book was that of the dog Tango. It's always heart wrenching when you know the animal who has come to be not only your comrade but a friend has come in contact with the bacteria but another thing in itself when you have to take the matter of it in your own hands, reminisce of Old Yeller. Other than that I am beyond pleased with the writing and detail of this book, and glad I explored outside of the box.

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Survivalist nonsense.But because I'm a sucker I'll probably read the rest of the series.

Amazing book and a great way to start a series. I hope this type of fun continues.

Good audio book, went really quick and I can't wait to start the others

Fast paced and ends abruptly. May read the next one. Not sure yet.

It was a good book

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