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The Quilt (2005)

The Quilt (2005)

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About book The Quilt (2005)

REQUIRED AUTHOR: GARY PAULSENThis book tells the story of a little six-year-old boy who goes to live with his grandma for a summer. During that time he goes with his grandma to visit his cousin's house to help her when she gives labor. There, he learns about the quilt that these women have made. A patchwork containing a square from each of the people they have loved that have passed on. The boy comes to discover the importance of love and the importance of memory. I really loved this book. In part, it was because I grew up with a quilter as a mom. I know the beauty and significance of patchwork quilts and I loved the way this quilt was described in this book.I would recommend this to any teen ages 10 and up. Maybe even younger.

This was in interesting look at strong, rural, immigrant women surviving farm life without the men, during WWII, from a boy's viewpoint. One reason I started this series is that it is factual, about the author's life. The boy's impressions of the community ladies coming together to help out and continue the oral history and quilting tradition during a birth is touching. The story isn't especially deep, but I liked it because it was from a kid's viewpoint, with strong sensory descriptions that have the slight hazy vagueness of memory. Not all the details are included and that still works.

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After reading Yellow Star (which was a great insight on the holocaust by the way) I found this book very dissapointing. Although the author was in the war at the time I didn't find it real enough for me. I think he was a bit to young to comprehend what the 'war' was as a 6-year-old. This was an easy read only about 80 pages and It would have been better with more detail. Another down point of the book was that it took 1/2 of it to get anywhere. Unfortunately i was a bit dissapointed in this read.

tA short novel, Paulsen branches away from the style he is known for, placing a six-year-old boy with his grandmother as she travels to help a friend deliver a baby. The novel is extremely poignant as the boy learns about life and death, making him realize that nothing is a guarantee. This is a wonderful read and is appropriate for anyone who is able to read.
—Lissa Chandler

I loved this book. Even though it was a short book it was full of life. Gary Paulsen has written of his experiences while living with his grandmother while his father is in the war and his mother is working in a munitions factory. While staying with his grandmother they must go to his cousin Kristina’s house to help out as the birth of her first child is near. He finds himself in the middle of a group of women who have all arrived to help. When the labor is slow to progress they bring out the family quilt. This is where he sits and learns the family history as they recount the reason for each patch in the quilt.
—Sandra Stiles

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