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The Psychiatrist & Other Stories (2000)

The Psychiatrist & Other Stories (2000)

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0520007875 (ISBN13: 9780520007871)
university of california press

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Machado very much like Pessoa is succinct at surfacing underpinning motives flourished by societies moors and contradictions. My favourite stories were The Psychiatrist, Education of a Stuffed Shirt and The Looking Glass. One of my favourite passages from the book ..."Sleep, real sleep was another matter: it brought me relief - not for the usual reason, that it is the brother of death - but, for another. I believe I can best explain it in this way. Sleep, eliminating the necessity for an exterior soul, permitted the inner soul to go into action."Over-all, I enjoyed quite a few of his short stories, some more then others of course, which is natural. I have yet to read Epitaph of a Small Winner which is on my 'to-read' list but on the whole I have found Machado to be a unique echo in literature perhaps one of few of a small band of like-wise authors of the same ilk.

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