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The Private Patient (2008)

The Private Patient (2008)

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0571242448 (ISBN13: 9780571242443)
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About book The Private Patient (2008)

I read this book because the author has just died (RIP), but it is not her first book that I read, but it could be the last because her endless descriptions of landscapes, characters and afternoon tea, tired me, even if the plots are well built. Maybe I should be English to appreciate fully her long novels, however I consider her a great writer, just not my ideal of mystery novel.Ho letto questo libro perché l'autrice é appena morta (R.I.P.), ma non é il suo primo libro, peró potrebbe essere l'ultimo perché le sue descrizioni infinite di paesaggi, personaggi e té del pomeriggio, per quanto poi le trame siano ben costruite, mi stancano. Forse dovrei essere inglese per apprezzare il tutto appieno, comunque una grande scrittrice, solo non corrisponde al mio ideale di romanzo giallo. It takes a while (about five chapters or so) before we ever find Adam Dalgliesh in this novel, but once he makes he appearance the book soars.I love reading P. D. James because she makes all her characters complete people. They are all fleshed out and have a living history that gives background to not only the character, but also to the story.For those of you who have read any of my reviews previously, no, I didn't know who the bad guy was until the author told me. I had the absolutely wrong person pegged as the murderer.At the end of the book, Adam finally marries his Emma which has been a long anticipated happening in this series. The only thing left hanging is, where will Dalgliesh go from here?I don't know, but I expect that the next book will give me some clues.An excellent mystery (without a whole lot of gore).

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Elegant and measured. Not the most thrilling of James's work, but a pleasure to read.

P.D.James of this countrys greatest crime writers.A classic

Rubbish. I am angry I even read this book...

Enjoyed it very much

Great as always.

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