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The Orchardist (2012)

The Orchardist (2012)

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About book The Orchardist (2012)

This is a novel I would say you don't read for the plot, but for the atmosphere. Like those books they make you read in high school or college for literature coursework: if I were discussing what actually happened or who the characters in the story were, there wouldn't be much to go over after awhile. However, what you're really reading this for is the language and the ability of the author to convey an environment without spelling everything out. I can see people who appreciate language and books like "The Bridge of San Luis Rey" or Ernest Hemingway novels to appreciate this kind of work.The main early three characters (Talmudge, Della, and Jane) have sad story arcs (even if that's not what was intended). Angelene is the only one who gets a happier life. But after I finished the novel I wonder if the people aren't really the focus, and it's the environment (the orchard) and the characters are just used as support (note the title is the "orchardist"- kind of abstract, rather than calling it "Talmudge", his name).If I were having a book club meet up about this book, I'd be the one with apricot tart and apple cakes and focused on that (fruit like that in the orchard) rather than gushing about the book itself. I admit it. Wow, this was a beautifully written story and an impressive first novel. Some very special characters who are very well written. Set in Washington State in mid-1800's (I think), about loneliness, perseverance, abuse, hard work, revenge and looking for love. The only part I found awkward was a part near the end which involved lots of fast action, I felt confused by it - so it seemed not well-written or I just had a hard time shifting to that style for a short period of time. Would definitely recommend.

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I tried, but couldn't get I to this book for book club. I had to throw in the towel!

Too much of the book seemed like a prop for what the author really wanted to say.

The writing is amazing. It just wasn't for me.

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