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The Obituary Writer (2013)

The Obituary Writer (2013)

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0393346773 (ISBN13: 9780393346770)
W. W. Norton & Company

About book The Obituary Writer (2013)

Excellent story of two women learning to cope with losses and grief. Vivian is the obituary writer- a profession that she turns to after the great earthquake in San Francisco and the loss of her beloved, David. Alternately, Claire is a young mother and wife, pregnant and feeling trapped by a husband, who does not listen to her. The paths of these two woman cross by the end of the book with clarity on how to move forward past the grief. The best thing about this book was the author's portrayal of life of the housewife in the early 60s - a great reminder of how far women have advanced in the last 50+ years. The main characters, Claire and Vivien, were likable most of the time but they both got a bit tiring - and I was only halfway through the book when I pretty much figured out their connection.My main problem with the book was sloppy editing - one two different occasions, the author referred to Vivien when she really meant to say Claire - another time she mentions a hotel lobby as Claire is walking into a hospital lobby. There were also some discrepancies with Claire and her circumstances time-wise. It's stuff like that that detracts from a book for me and makes me not want to read more by this author.

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Shocked by the ending. Would never have thought the two women would be mother/daughter in laws.

I read 3 of Ann Hood's books. Liked!

It was a bit predictable

Thoroughly delightful.

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