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The Newcomer (2013)

The Newcomer (2013)

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0778314529 (ISBN13: 9780778314523)
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About book The Newcomer (2013)

I loved the Virgin River series that the author did and at first believed these books ("The Wanderer" and "The Newcomer") were a part of the series they aren't. Fortunately they still tie in while I think we will be seeing more character crossings as the series progresses. Honestly I thought this was a lot better book than the first one and that is since there was more of a chance to dive in to get to know the characters instead of working on the stories for so many characters. And even with the main stories still being told Robyn does a beautiful job in bringing in more of the characters from the earlier book, developing them and giving us an even deeper look into the small town life while keeping their personalities individual. The best part of the character development within this story is the fact that the first book involved typically the more adult characters while this book seemed to have a stronger focus on the younger generation practically Ashley, Eve and Landon. If some of the content wasn't so adult the wisdom that can be found (especially between newly arrived father and teen daughter) is some of the best wisdom that our younger generation can be told in these troublesome times. And the best part is the story is a great standalone since each main point in the first book is brought into play so you aren't left guessing. The rest of the series is going to be a great read if I can get my hands on the. So happy to have a chance to read "The Wanderer" and "The Newcomer". The second book made this new series from Ms. Carr starting to get interesting. The issues and dramas were keeping me hooked while romance was minimal, really don't expect a scorching hot or even sweet lovey dovey love story. Well, that what I can conclude though. Who knows if the next one will be similar like Virgin River :pLove all the touch of value of life Ms. Carr brings in her books.

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It feels like you are going to visit friends in every book. I'm ready to read the next!

I enjoyed this one much more than I did the first one. Especially the Ashley storyline.

Good book, moral issues to deal with for all the characters.

great book, loved the story.

good quick read

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