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The Museum Of Innocence (2008)

The Museum of Innocence (2008)

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About book The Museum Of Innocence (2008)

I just cant' do it. I just can’t get through this book. This is the 2nd time I have tried reading it, the 1st about a year ago, and this time about 2 weeks ago. I get about 150 pages in and just can’t convince myself to keep going.I think I don’t like the characters the most, but the premise and storyline also annoy and irritate me. I understand it Is historical fiction, and that is the point, I’m just not into it. Which sucks, because I really like Orhan Pamuk. I LOVED Snow, and I also really liked My Name is Red. Both great reads. This one, I just can’t do. This will drive my OCD crazy for the next few months, but it’s time to cut my loss and move on. This will be about the 2nd time I have not finished a book due to complete lack of interest in about 20 years. I’m just sick of trying, and failing, to convince myself to read more of this book every day.Time to move on. I found the idea of him collecting things from his relationship intriguing. The romantic part I think was a little too dragged out - and exasperating. Just gobsmacked at how he could do this with his fiance and girlfriend lover at the same time.But what the hell ... life ... isn't always what you expect.If an author can tick you off with the behavior of his characters, then he's done his job. Ya' can't like everybody in a book.

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I'm a sucker for obsessive love stories, especially those featuring love that is lost forever.

I just can't get into this one. 100 pages in, and I still don't care about the story

70'lerin İstanbul'unun anlatıldığı, aşkı derinlemesine irdeleyen bir eser.

Not a huge Pamuk fan but this book just blew me away!

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