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The Many Sins Of Lord Cameron (2011)

The Many Sins Of Lord Cameron (2011)

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0425240495 (ISBN13: 9780425240496)
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About book The Many Sins Of Lord Cameron (2011)

From this series I have read other books before this one. I like the way these series is written. The way Ainsley is used by the queen isn’t nice at all. But luckily she gets something else to do when she got the attention of Cameron. He is damaged by his first wife, but Ainsley is taken care for him even if he doesn’t like it. I like the way the way the bedroom action is getting attention in this book. After being disappointed with Mac and Isabella's story, Cameron and Ainsley's tale was back to form. Like Ian, Cameron has a tragic past, with a crazy first wife who almost tried to kill him and their son Daniel. Ainsley also has a bit of tragic background. While her first marriage wasn't all that bad, it was a bit rushed and her husband was old enough to be her father. Cameron and Ainsley don't seem to go together on paper, but their chemistry is electrifying. From a physical standpoint, it's very steamy. From an emotional standpoint, they built a great bond that I found very believable and they worked through the one big problem they had.The one thing I didn't like was the side plot. The whole letters bit seemed like an obvious plot device and I was very disappointed when that subplot just sort of dropped off in the middle of the book. It had so much build up and drove most, if not all, of the major scenes in the first half of the book and then it was just dropped so abruptly and so easily. I also didn't like how all the Queen had to do was snap her fingers and Ainsley ran back to her side. I completely understand why Cameron was upset by this. Ainsley should have left her post already, it really didn't make any sense to me.But other than that, the book was great! Much better than Mac and Isabella's story, though not quite as good as Ian's in my opinion.

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Buena historia, como sus novelas precedentes, muy bien escrita.

Daniel, oh Daniel.. what a charming boy he is ;)

Love the author and her writing!


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