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The Magician's Land (2014)

The Magician's Land (2014)

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About book The Magician's Land (2014)

I THINK IT MIGHT CONTAIN SOME SPOILERS, OR AT LEAST REFERENCES TO THINGS BEST LEFT UNMENTIONED UNTIL READI was wavering between 4 and 5 stars, and not for the first time yearning for a half-star option, but I have to give it five. This is an outstanding conclusion for what has been an outstanding trilogy. I particularly admire how true Grossman has stayed to the genre but has created a storyline, world(s), and characters that are wholly his own. The Magician's Land is no different and helps us all let go of Quentin the way he must of Fillory, and it is eerily reminiscent (no doubt by design) of how many of us felt when we had realized that for a host of reasons we could no longer return to Narnia. Grossman gets that, as seen in a beautiful moment towards the end of the book when Quentin views a plant that embodies what he felt when reading a Fillory book for the first time at 8. I felt that way not with Narnia--although I do distinctly recall still how it felt to pick up The Magician's Nephew for the first time-- but with The Dark is Rising sequence, and it was wonderful to experience again in this unexpected new setting, many years removed. I just love how thoughtful and smart and exceptionally well-written this trilogy is, more like an Ode, really, or perhaps an aubade in some respects, and while I am sad my time in Fillory is over, it was time to go and it ended the best and only way it could. Wholly satisfying: funny, with beautifully crafted sentences and concepts. Thank you, Lev Grossman. 4.5 stars. Really loved it! Did it deconstruct the fantasy novel? Maybe...have to think about it. It reminded me of Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials," though that series did a more straightforward, serious job of it. The Magicians trilogy is more of a wink and a nod type deal, but for all its snark and f-bombs, it ends up being a pretty sincere and, dare I say, standard little fairy tale. In a good way!Read them all together for maximum effect!

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An incredibly satisfying conclusion to the Magicians Trilogy.

So sad its over!! Love love love

Fabulous. Loved it. All of it.

My favorite of the series.

Great wrapup.

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