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The Lowland (2013)

The Lowland (2013)

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About book The Lowland (2013)

I am surprised by how disappointing I found "The Lowland." For about 100 pages, in the middle of the novel, I was interested in seeing how the characters' fates unwound. But that is entirely too small a percentage of a 350 page book. Most of the time, their circumstances and internal struggles were not compelling, even drawn as they were against the backdrop of revolution. It is only the peculiarities and intimacy of married life that were drawn sharply enough to make this book of interest, and the attention to those areas ended too soon. You want to finish reading it, but you are afraid of finishing it. Afraid that the feelings you had for the characters, because Jhumpa forced you to get involved at a personal level, would be rendered futile. So many reviews have already been written, I doubt if I can add anything significantly different. It probably falls short of what is expected of her after Namesake, probably not. I found it equally enthralling, engaging. She kind of holds the strings to your heart as you read the book, and as soon as any kind of attachment blossoms and settles down, she pulls the strings, making you wince and at the same time, making you beg for more.

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This book starts slowly but I am glad I stuck with it An interesting look into Indian culture

Another great novel by Lahiri. There's so much packed in the book; she's a great storyteller.

I am a huge Jhumpa Lahiri fan and this book did not disappoint.

I like her other books better.

No words :)

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