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The Lost Wife (2011)

The Lost Wife (2011)

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042524413X (ISBN13: 9780425244135)
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About book The Lost Wife (2011)

This is a love story as well as a Holocaust novel. 60 years after they were separated by World War II, Lenka and Josef meet at the wedding of their respective grandchildren. The novel goes back to their meeting in Prague before the war and tells the story of both of their lives. Josef's parents have gotten exit visas for their fail and Lenka, their new daughter-in-law but she refuses to leave her parents and sister. Lenka ends up in Terezin and Auschwitz. Josef ends up in New York. Lenka believes that Josef died when the ship he was on was torpedoed and Josef thinks that Lenka died in Auschwitz. The story of their courage to go forward with life is very moving. While the story is not unfamiliar, it is well done. This wasn't a book I was going to check out when I picked it up at the library - I'm not much for romance novels. But when I read the jacket, I changed my mind. And when I started reading, I totally became involved! As I finished, and read the reason the author had written the novel, it was clear to me what miracles sometimes happen in people's lives. I've read Holocaust stories before - they break my heart. But may I say that a thread of hope running through The Lost Wife (because of the introductory chapter) keeps the reader so involved that it's hard to put the book down! Wonderfully-written, excellently-researched, and easy to become caught up in, The Lost Wife is a book I'm very glad I decided to check out and read.

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Loved this author's use of words to describe the emotions of Lenka and Josef. A true romance!

Beautiful and sad story. Very well written.


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