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The Lost Child Of Philomena Lee: A Mother, Her Son And A 50 Year Search (2009)

The Lost Child of Philomena Lee: A Mother, Her Son and a 50 Year Search (2009)

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0230744273 (ISBN13: 9780230744271)

About book The Lost Child Of Philomena Lee: A Mother, Her Son And A 50 Year Search (2009)

The book is a great companion to the movie. The movie focused on Philomena's perspective while the book tells her son's life story. I appreciate the other viewpoint (albeit through the journalist's lens rather than directly from Micael, Philomena's son). I found the book to be really interesting, delving into how adoption can effect the adopted. And really everyone involved. Especially when handled as poorly as by the Catholic Church and Ireland and by the adoptive parents. Michaels resulting emotional struggles plagued him throughout his life. There is also a great deal of attention paid to being gay in the 70s, 80s, and 90s and what that meant to the men living through those times. Michael came of age in the 70s and lived to see the rise of the AIDS epidemic and ultimately succumbing to the disease. I was surprised by Michaels decadent lifestyle (particularly as it related to sex and partying). His life sometimes sounded like an overblown 70s soft core porn movie. The author took care to tie the reckless behavior to his emotional struggles. But I admit it did read as exaggerated at times.I do see scanning the beginnings of others' reviews that the people who knew him (at least one) take issue with what was written. That's so unfortunate as overall the book painted a full picture of the good man who struggled with demons. Still, I am concerned I'm going to feel like a jerk for liking to book and movie after I read some of these reviews. That being said, Philomena is an excellent thought provoker. The reader is left to think about adoption, sexual shame, how we treat gays, politics, journalism and a host of other topics. And Michael's life is honored, in my opinion, by such a thorough portrait of how at least some people saw him.Added: Read many reviews. I was right. I am a jerk for liking this book. I was expecting a book about a mother's search for her son. Most of the book tells of the boy and who he becomes. I found myself questioning how the author came to know all of Mike's inner thoughts. I also questioned why I kept reading to the end but I was hoping to hear from the Mother which didn't really happen. I was quite disappointed in the book although Michael's life was quite interesting.

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Good, but slow reading, very sad.

Unfinished, given away.

Heartbreaking story.


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