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The Lions Of Little Rock (2012)

The Lions of Little Rock (2012)

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039925644X (ISBN13: 9780399256448)
Putnam Juvenile

About book The Lions Of Little Rock (2012)

I loved The Lions of Little Rock! The main character Marlee is faced with some very difficult situations and proves herself to be brave and kind in the face of hatred. This historical fiction book takes place when the Little Rock schools were forced to accept African-American students. The community was so outraged that they chose to close down those schools. Marlee attends one of the white schools that remains open and finds a friend in the new girl, Liz. Marlee realizes when Liz stops coming to school that she's really an African-American girl who was trying to pass as white. Marlee doesn't care about the color of Liz's skin; she just wants her friend back. Everyone should read this outstanding book! The Lions of Little Rock is the best book I have read in a while. It’s set in the 1960’s, when segregation was common. Marlee is a notoriously shy middle schooler, (she’s white, too) and she hardly has any friends until she meets Liz, the new girl. They quickly become good friends. But then Liz is caught “passing” which basically means that she is a Negro whose skin is light enough that she can pretend to be white. So when Liz is kicked out of Marlee’s school, the two must struggle against the hardships of segregation and racism. The author wants us to learn that friendship knows no bounds and that it can go beyond the color of your skin, your religion, ect. I really like how the story is told from the perspective of a white girl who is just starting to learn about the cruel realities of racism by becoming friends with a Negro. I also like how Liz teaches Marlee to come out of her shell, speak up, and stand up for what she believes in. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read about what it was like back then, to be separated by the color of your skin.

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this is DEFINITELY a book that I'd recommend!!!

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