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The Lion (2010)

The Lion (2010)

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044658083X (ISBN13: 9780446580830)
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Another De Mille book. I've not read these in any sequence therefore, John Corey and his Wife are in another pickle with a past foe Asad Kahlil, terrorist supreme, avid killer, and psychopath. Lots of people are dying, killed in many gruesome ways; shooting them being the less gruesome. I would seem the nickname for Asad, "The Lion" comes from the fact that Asad is brave, sneaky, slimy, vengeful, and a creep. Not sure how "lion" gets to be a nickname, more like Dr. Death, could have sufficed. Oct 16, 2014, I'm chapter 42 and starting to look ahead. That's not a good sign at the best of times. I feel the next two chapters are of little value at this point. Let's get to what happens with Asad Khalil; okay his wife was almost killed, and hey, this guy is really a tight ass, bad guy, with a compulsive disorder, but okay already. The 2 stars are for the sacarsm and wit of John Corey and that is all there is in this book. The story line is non-existant. The book starts off well and then there is a terrible 300+ page drag of Mr Corey doing nothing but walking around parks amd driving from point A to B. I get that detectives work is waiting but I as a reader dont need to know that.I am still at a loss of why the first incident of the cracking the nuts of the arab diplomat had to accomplish in this book.Hope the next Demille I read is better than this one.

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This was my least favorite in the series, but still ver good and a fun read.

Fast paced thrilling, can not put it down, good read well written

Characters named for charity

Good read

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