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The Light In The Ruins (2013)

The Light in the Ruins (2013)

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About book The Light In The Ruins (2013)

"The Light in the Ruins" was my first experience reading Chris Bohjalian. I don't normally read historical fiction or murder mysteries, and I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the writing. Bohjalian's evocative sentences immersed me in his fictional Italy and I found the plot fairly intriguing, even though I was able to guess the identity of the killer relatively early in the book. The clues are definitely there, so I'm not sure how others missed them. My biggest disappointment was in the character development. I never really connected to anyone, and I would have liked to learn more about Serafina and her boss, Paolo. The Rosati family was interesting while I was engrossed in the novel, but they faded away from memory as soon as I closed the book.For me, this was a quick, entertaining read, and well written to boot. Fans of this genre should thoroughly enjoy it. a 3.5 The novel opens with the voice of the murderer describing a crime he/she has just committed, and early on the reader learns who all is going to be murdered and who has already died so ... no surprises on this end. The story then alternates between present-day 1955 and back to 1943-1944 when Germany was in the Tuscan area of Italy during World War II. Little by little the reader works his way through unfolding events during the war to at last come to present-day justice served,the rationale being that found in the mind of the murderer. The novel brings to the forefront the role of Germany in Italy, from ally to occupier to enemy and the role of the Italians as well during this very difficult time in history.There is a quote in the front of the book:I dream of the hills around Siena, and of my love whom I shall never see again.I shall become one gaping wound - like the winds, nothing. - From a note hidden in the seam of the shirt of an anonymous civilian executed by the Gestapo in Rome, 1944Whether or not the quote is factual or from the pen of the author, to me it truly does embody the sadness and reality of war.

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Loved the book. Could not put it down. The author took you to Tuscany with his words. Very moving

An interesting premise, but a little slow (and at times gruesome) in the telling.

I couldn't stop reading this book, in spite of its often graphic content.

Not bad, but not what I expect from this author.

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