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The Life List (2013)

The Life List (2013)

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Si réaliser les rêves qu'on avait à 14 ans ne se révèle pas toujours simple, devenir adulte quand on a adoré être un enfant est encore plus difficile... Ce livre est un récit formidable d'un amour maternel incommensurable. C'est l'histoire d'une petite fille qui reçoit la plus géniale leçon de vie de la part de sa maman, alors que celle-ci n'est plus de ce monde. C'est l'histoire émouvante, souvent drôle, parfois même un peu désespérante, d'une jeune fille qui découvre qui elle pourrait devenir si elle avait le courage de s'en donner les moyens. C'est l'histoire d'une jeune femme qui retrouve ses marques dans sa vie en réalisant ses rêves d'enfant. La boucle est bouclée, on pleure, on rit, on s'indigne! On est captivé par cette liste d'objectifs, par les personnages attachants, par les pages qui défilent sans qu'on ne s'en rende compte... Et quand on atteint la dernière phrase du livre, on ne peut s'empêcher de penser à notre propre liste d'objectifs, notre propre liste de rêves inachevés... This is the kind of book that changes lives and the way you see the world around you. THE LIFE LIST is a beautiful story based on the most powerful bond that we, humans, are aware of: motherhood.When her mother leaves her with nothing but a list of wishes from her teenage days, Brett finds herself struggling to survive and fighting her tenacity to make through the conditions of the testament. She needs to change her entire life in order to do that and face several difficult decisions ahead.With a brilliant story line, Lori Nelson Spielman sets the scenario for a major change in the lives of her characters. Brett is firstly seen as a shallow, selfish, insecure woman and later in, her development is easily perceptible; along with hers, L. N. Spielman has a hand full of secondary characters lovely built to follow her narrator through her challenges.Also if you think you know right away who she ends up with, YOU'RE WRONG. This author has the talent to create the ilusion of a secure path and then KABOOM, you shouldn't have been so sure - and she does that without making it seem weird or wrong; it just feels like what really needs to happen at the time.Another positive point about this book was her mother's personality! I just loved it and the letters she left weren't all full of sentimentalism to purposely make you cry and throw the book away because oh, no, she shouldn't have died and stuff - THE LIFE LIST is clear of that, Brett deals with her loss in a healthy way to the reader to understand she is hurting and missing her mother terribly. I think it was one of the best reads I've done this year, even if there weren't so many of them. It's a 5/5, but if only I could give more than 5 stars!

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Fun read but completely ridiculous.

Such a lovely book!!! ❤️

very enjoyable

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