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The Last Runaway (2012)

The Last Runaway (2012)

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0525952993 (ISBN13: 9780525952992)
E.P. Dutton

About book The Last Runaway (2012)

Even though I felt ambiguous towards Honor - she isn't always likeable - I loved this book. Perhaps exactly because Honor is so human. She is prejudiced, stubborn and a know-it-all as a girl her age who is picked up and thrown into a strange country with strange people is, in any day and age. If she had been always happy and likeable she wouldn't be realistic. The story is gripping and even though slavery is an important part of the history curriculum anywhere in the Western world, I learned a lot from this book. The subject matter is heavy, but the book stays light - Honor's quilting and love life are treated with the same meticulous attention as the treatment of slaves. And that makes it a book about one woman's life instead of a political statement - a book that is at the same time a joy to read and a catalyst for new thoughts and a different outlook on the history of slavery. A definite must-read for anyone interested in history - or quilting. I really enjoyed this exploration of Quakers, the underground railway, quilt-making, and Ohio as compared to England. Honor Bright is the protagonist, a British Quaker who journeys with her sister from England to settle in the wilds of Ohio in the days before the Civil War. It is an interesting study in how one lives with one's values when they are in conflict with the best interests of one's family. I really enjoyed the novel.

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Probably one of the best of Chevalier' s novels, after Girl with the Pearl Earing.

Just finished, From chevalier, I expected more. Thinking of why I feel letdown..

I really enjoyed this story. I'm on the hunt for more of her books!

good book with local history.

3.5 stars

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