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The Last Original Wife (2013)

The Last Original Wife (2013)

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0062132466 (ISBN13: 9780062132468)
William Morrow

About book The Last Original Wife (2013)

I'm not sure I understand why this book got so many bad reviews. It seems a lot of people thought the storyline was unrealistic. Well, the way I saw it, ofcourse it's not 100% realistic but it's fiction and I think we read it assuming there would be a happy ending. I found it an easy read, the storyline is what you'd expect from the description on the book cover. And I wasn't sure until the very end whether or not Les would take Wes back. So, I didn't find it predictable and I did enjoy it.My only complaint I guess is that Wes is a pretty unlikeable character. SOmetimes when I read a book, or watch a movie, and the lead character is with someone who is completely unlikeable I wonder why they didn't make the character atleast somewhat likeable. If they're not likeable at all, then why would the (presumably) smart lead character have been intersted in them for years? This was just an okay read. The characters were pretty shallow and there were SO many stereotypes written in. I get it. The long-suffering wife deserves happiness. The husband is a jerk. His friends are married to girls young enough to be their daughters. The new wives are dumb and in it for the money. The husband and wife's children are huge disappointments. Throw in a gay brother who lives in a haunted house in Charleston, a saintly best friend, and hidden assets equalling over 2 million dollars... It was just all so *meh*. I could see every character coming from a mile away. It's a light read, and maybe someone else would get more out of this, but when I like to learn something (or read a good redemption story at the very least), this was lacking for me.

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Light read, but definitely hits a soft spot if you're a woman over 60

Just needed something fun and mindless. Always enjoy her books.

Great girly read for the more mature lady!lol

good, easy read! definitely made me laugh

Chick lit, enjoyed reading it.

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