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The Kissing Booth (2012)

The Kissing Booth (2012)

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About book The Kissing Booth (2012)

When I first started reading this story it seemed so familiar then I realised I have already read this story on wattpad! I didn't ever finish reading the story and was so happy when I found out that it had been made into a book and I could finally finish it!This is an amazingly written YA romance story that I recommend to everyone. The writing and the storyline is a breathe of fresh air and it's fantastic. If you're looking for a romance summer read then this is the story for you.One of my favourite things about this story is the characters. The way Beth describes them and how different each character is to the next is wonderful. I love how Rochelle is such a strong character even after getting teased and that she still holds her head up strong and can stick up for herself and also her friends. Another thing I love about this story is the friendship between her and her best friend Lee. I know in most stories or even in real life a friendship between a boy and girl usually turns into something more or the either one of them starts to have feelings for the other one, in this story this isn't the case. I love that it shows that a boy and a girl can be best friends and still be best friends after either one of them get's a boyfriend/girlfriend and they will always be by their side. To be honest at first I would have loved if they got together but I love them having their friendship even more.This story is a fast paced romance story that I think every YA fans would love. Beth has two other stories out which you can find out about on my interview with her on my author's page. I definitely need to get myself them! Especially if they're as lovely and adorable as this! 3.5...No lo se. Me gusto. Pero no me gusto el final. Necesitaba un final de cierre, algo definitivo y para la pinta de todo el libro con un final bien feliz. Al principio creí que Elle se enamoraría de Lee, y luego por el titulo creí que de los dos, pero fue de Noah y aunque todo fue apresurado, me encanto él. Así que, al menos me encanto Lee y Noah ♥Es una historia bonita y muy dulce de cualquier manera, solo le falto mas, para mi. ¡Y todo esto sólo por la caseta de los besos!, o tal vez de cualquier manera sucedería ;)

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That was a really cute and good book. You should make a sequel to please. I would really like to know what happens for these characters. I loved it!!!

This book is so boring I felt I could not finish it...lame story ..ikk. Never again.

It's a romantic book that I liked. That's my really long review! :) It was cute! :)

2.5 , entretiene y atrapa ... Pero no me gusto como se fue desarrollando

This was a cute read that just made me smile.

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