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The Kingdom Of Gods (2011)

The Kingdom of Gods (2011)

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About book The Kingdom Of Gods (2011)

What a magnificent end to the series. As mentioned there, I'm only putting the middle book in the series on my favourites shelf, but it stands for all three. Jemisin is just so good at so many things, it practically hurts to finish any of her books. I need more! And I kind of can't write about them aside from just gushing! These are some of the best, most vibrant/interesting/moving fantasy novels I've ever read. You should absolutely check them out. 3.5 stars. After the greatness of the second book in the series I came into this one with high expectations that were not met. The narrating felt sloppy and the entire part one felt like it dragged on forever. The following parts picked up somewhat but the storytelling still felt incredibly choppy. The characters that have been around for the entire series provided the most memorable moments and I wish more of the story had been about their relationships than Sieh's. The conclusion was just another twist that felt more unnecessary than exciting. However, despite these things there was still a lot in the Kingdom of God's I did enjoy and the story reached an ending that felt satisfying.

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AN AMAZING CONCLUSION to an amazing trilogy. I love how this book is put in Sieh's perspective.

I liked the ending but I was not that interested in reading a book all about Seih.

A really fun fantasy fiction story ride. Interesting to the very end.

I. Love. This. Series.

A solid conclusion.

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