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The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide To Feeling Great, Losing Weight, And Saving The Planet (2009)

The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet (2009)

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About book The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide To Feeling Great, Losing Weight, And Saving The Planet (2009)

Alicia Silverstone can not be serious. I don't even know where to begin.This book came highly recommended by a friend. She had spoken to me for month about the diet and had convinced me to incorporate many parts of The Kind Diet into my daily life. Finally, I went for the full experience and bought the book. I would like a refund.First of all, this read as if it were written by Silverstone's character in "Clueless." The words "icky," "nasty," and "totally weird" are just a few examples. I was instantly turned off, even though I already agreed with many of the fundamental aspects of the diet.Then... The recipes. I expected to find many practical, doable recipes to justify the $30 I had spent on this book, but instead found that almost every recipe was made for someone on a Hollywood income budget or for someone who lives near one of the most exotically stocked grocery stores in the world. Umeboshi vinegar... Vegan chorizo... Sorghum... Plum oil extract... Where does one go about buying these things? She also insists on doing things like calling soy sauce "shoyu" and after all this, I literally threw my hands up in frustration at the direction "2 teaspoons white or red vinegar (I prefer white, but who had that??)"This book was ridiculous. Written by someone with no sense of reality outside of a glamorous lifestyle. I like Alicia, think she had only the best intentions, and sympathize with the weight problems she has had that subsided as a result of her diet. But this was just... Too much. Within the first couple chapters of this book, I had a revelation/ melt-down and actually cried about the cruelty of the mainstream meat industry. Of course, as she writes about the millions of male chicks that are killed every year by egg farmers, you get to stare at a photo of an adorable little baby chick (hence the waterworks!). Silverstone had obviously done a lot of research into the issues with meat and dairy farming in the 21st century Western culture, as well as the health concerns associated with consuming our beloved steaks and yoghurt. This I did appreciate-- if you are curious about the "why" behind veganism then I would definitely recommend this one.However, I found that some parts of the book didn't sit with me the right way... Carnivorous pets on vegan diets? Using photos of random vegan dudes (no names, just the photos) as motivation? Taking off your shoes and walking on the grass when you visit a new place to get acquainted with the environment? Maybe I'm visiting the Sahara! If you can overlook the frequent flaws, you can pull some goods out of this one.I didn't try any of the recipes. I didn't like how the "vegan" ones still relied on so much processed food! And the superhero ones were a bit too hardcore for me-- I didn't appreciate the notion of the absence of spices, and I found she relied to heavily on foods (ie sea vegetables, etc) that are pricey and difficult to come by.If you're already convinced that veganism is something you want to try (and be aware that humans ARE NATURALLY OMNIVORES; veganism may not be for you and that's okay! There is evidence to suggest that supporting human, environmentally sustainable, local meat and dairy farming is better for the environment than cutting out these foods completely... Additionally, some people's bodies can't handle a completely vegan diet. We must be aware of bioindividuality) and are looking for some good resources, I would highly recommend "The Blender Girl" by Tess Masters and "The Thrive Energy Cookbook" by Brendan Brazier as great sources of information and yummy recipes. Happy Eating!

Do You like book The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide To Feeling Great, Losing Weight, And Saving The Planet (2009)?

Great recipes and health tips for vegans and non-vegans alike. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

This book is quite help me in doing a healthy diet

Loved it all! So down to earth!

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