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The Kill (2006)

The Kill (2006)

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4.5 STARS"Her worst nightmare brought back to life, she risks everything for a second shot at justice. For thirty years, FBI scientist Olivia St. Martin has lived with guilt and one abiding certainty–that while she wasn’t able to save her sister’s life, she did testify and helped to convict the rapist and killer. When shocking new evidence exonerates the man Olivia is sure she saw abduct her sister, she breaks every rule in the book to uncover the truth. Driven by the possibility that she put the wrong man behind bars, Olivia discovers that a serial killer has been at large all these years. Believing that the monster has just struck again in Seattle, Olivia leaves her lab and poses as a field agent, sharing her unofficial investigation with a hardworking Seattle cop. Olivia doesn’t want to lie to detective Zack Travis. And she certainly doesn’t want to fall in love. But as the investigation intensifies, Olivia and Zack find that they’re rapidly losing control–over their hearts, their secrets, and a case that threatens to consume them." (From Amazon) Seriously read this novel!!!! Another great romantic suspense by Brennan. We meet Rowen and Miranda's FBI roommate and close friend, Olivia St. Martin and she is just as feisty and wounded as her friends and has great chemistry with Zach.

This week’s review: The Kill by Allison BrennanThe Kill is the third and final novel written in Allison Brennna’s Predator Trilogy.The Kill is a romantic thriller which puts another of her cross over characters in danger. Olivia St Martin – scientist with the FBI is stunned to learn of new evidence coming to light in the case of the kidnapping of her sister. Having carefully studied all cases dealing with similar characteristics as that of the person that kidnapped her sister she decides to take matters in her own hands by posing as an FBI agent and joining forces with the leading detective in one of the most recent kidnapping cases.I liked the way the story tied in with the previous two novels, but also have to admit that by this time, I too had a familiar sensation of been there done that previously. I found that this final novel wasn’t as graphic as the first two but appreciate the author’s attention to detail and efforts in trying to make it a bit different.While the novel did enough for me to finish it, it didn’t bind me into a page turner that I was able to finish in a day.Three out of five for me again.

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Another despicable serial killer - but did they catch the right one?This 3rd book in the Predator Trilogy features the lab rat "Olivia St. Martin" - friend of Rowan Smith from The Preyand Miranda Moore from The Hunt - all 3 were classmates in the FBI Academy at Quantico, all 3 have emotional issues, and all 3 got involved in the cases of their lives.This book was no different, except Olivia is on the case because of deceit - not in a bad sense, but still.The man she thought had abducted her older sister back when they were kids and then killed her and was caught mostly with Olivia's testimony gets released because of DNA evidence. So who was the real killer and where is he now.Not a bad read - Kjen you will love this series - the hot scenes are hot and "lengthy" :)2 thumbs up for the trilogy.

this book would have gotten four stars if it wasn't for the hardcore porn descriptions AGAIN. I really feel uncomfortable reading such detailed content since porn is not my genre of choice.romance is ok, subtle hints at sex are ok but describing genitals isn't!!!other than that, this book is better than the second part of the trilogy and much better than the first part which was totally bland and very amateurishly written if I might say so.I will even read the second trilogy to see if she'll ever drop the porn, I really hope she realised it's just superfluous!storyline and characters are decent, the pace is dynamic and it isn't boring at any's only a bit hasty and naive how the main male protagonist falls in love at first sight with the female so easily and without knowing her, a bit too naive for a seasoned reader like me.
—laura m

I tried to read Miranda's story, but found her actions to be so unreasonable, I couldn't stand it. I wanted to give the author another shot, so I tried Olivia's story. And I found her to be pretty damn unreasonable, as well, but not as bad.I liked the story, I really did. But there was a lot of nonsense that wasn't necessary. It felt like filler and without it, the story would have still been a full length novel. I don't want to read about Olivia's self-guilt trips every freaking chapter. I don't want to read about how much Olivia frets over stupid shit that she has, and never had, any control over.So I didn't read it. I skimmed the hell out of this book, basically just looking for dialogue and reading the first and last sentence of each paragraph. I seriously doubt I missed anything.The plot was good and the villain was sufficiently scary. The romance felt real and the forensics were interesting. I liked the characters, too. And I usually have issues with the heroine. But I didn't have an issue with Olivia, I really just had an issue with the author and how much she repeated herself - usually about Olivia's guilt and worrying.Tedious. That's the word I'm looking for... the writing about Olivia was tedious.I'd probably recommend this book, but it'd be waaay down the list of recommendations.

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