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The Interestings (2013)

The Interestings (2013)

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1594488398 (ISBN13: 9781594488399)
Riverhead Hardcover

About book The Interestings (2013)

One of those books that would resonate differently for each person at various times in their lives. The high school anxieties and desires around friends rang true, tho the work questions posed by Ethan - what gives you the most fulfillment? - strikes a chord with me now. But most of all, the question Wolitzer seems to pose throughout is one for a lot of people: Do you always hold some part (or a large part) of your heart for a person, no matter how happy or content you are with your life? Some aspects don't go anywhere and I would've liked to have read more about Cathy, but a solid read. WARNING: MINOR SPOILER ALERT AHEADWhile I didn't completely buy into the Big Secret one character keeps from another (It struck me more as a narrative convenience than as a logical function of character), I was impressed by the constancy of vision in how Wolitzer describes the decades-spanning friendships of "The Interestings." I also liked how she described the effect money has on friendships, and the see-sawing long game of various marriages. This novel is not quite a masterpiece, but it's still pretty damn good.

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An unusual book in that people behave well, thus, unexpectedly.

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