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The Hurricane Sisters (2014)

The Hurricane Sisters (2014)

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0062132520 (ISBN13: 9780062132529)
William Morrow

About book The Hurricane Sisters (2014)

Another delight from Dorothea Benton Frank. I enjoy reading her descriptions of Sullivan's Island and the Lowcountry. Not to mention her descriptions of all the mouthwatering food to be found there. After reading her books, I always feel like I want to go there and see the places she mentions firsthand. She must be a boon to travel agencies!Her books themselves are pure fluff, everyone is attractive and rich (or their parents are) and life always turns out perfect for them. Escapism at its best, but it's not a bad thing. Her writing is lively, keeping the reader interested even though her plots are fairly predictable. Still this book is a good beach read. A decent fiction novel and easily classified as women's literature for the beach. Apparently this author has written numerous novels and is a favorite for many readers. Benton Frank was raised in the Charleston, S. C., area and in fact her work reminds me a lot of Anne Rivers Siddons. I did notice that on Goodreads, many of her previous fans didn't care much for this novel. This novel is set on Sullivan's Island and Charleston, S.C. and the story revolves around a family with their own quirks and issues but in general pretty ordinary. The thrust and the best part of the novel is that the author wanted to bring to light the subject of domestic violence and the need for communities to help the battered spouses and children - and while men are also victims of domestic violence, most are women and they often have no place to turn. In general this was an entertaining book with a good reason to read - especially for young women who are just starting to date and need a reminder about the danger signs of abusive people.

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Another great writer about the low country. Am I stuck in a rut? Nice rut to be in!

First book I have read by this author and wasn't overly excited by it

Ugh. Just awful.

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