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The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms (2010)

The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms (2010)

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About book The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms (2010)

Initially this seemed like a standard fantasy novel with the protagonist as author stand in. The basic plot--young lower class woman suddenly discovers she's actually a princess (sort of)--is pretty cliche. As more of the world mythology was unveiled, however, it began to explore questions I had never previously given thought to. What would it be like if the gods lived among us? What would it be like to be Europa? What would it mean to have a god as a slave? Can gods truly love? How are the gods in bed? very interesting writing style. it took a little getting used to but after awhile I ended up liking it and by the end it really makes sense. I enjoyed the story line and how it wasn't the cookie cutter predictable plot. some of it you can guess on but I felt it was very quick paced story that I wanted to keep reading. on my library site (where I loaned this book) had a very low rating but I thought it was much better than they showed and that the rating here better reflects that

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A fun read! Enjoyable characters and worldbuilding, plus a gripping and fast-moving plot.

This was an enjoyable diversion; I think I'll read more by this writer.

Really liked the world, character development, and writing style.

too much jumping around. too little explanation of past events.

It was ok.

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