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The Heretic's Daughter (2008)

The Heretic's Daughter (2008)

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0316037532 (ISBN13: 9780316037532)
Little, Brown and Company

About book The Heretic's Daughter (2008)

Kathleen Kent's writing style reminds me of Margaret Atwood, who I enjoy. This book is slightly depressing and melancholy, but it has a lot of life and heart as well. I was a little confused by the way it was put together... is the protagonist writing the whole thing to her posterity? Is she just remembering? Is it a specific letter to a specific person? But really, that doesn't get in the way too much. The book is long, but evocative and thought-provoking. It got me thinking about both literal and figurative "witch hunts" and the mentality of the frightened crowd, the accused, and the accusers. If you like historical fiction, this is a great read. It took me a while and several attempts to get into this book. After painstakingly setting the stage the author did a fantastic job of weaving together family lore, history, and fiction to tell the story of this low, dark period in America's past. Once it got going, I found it a totally engrossing - if not agonizing - read. The details of what went on during that time period are lost on so many of us- Who were the accusers - what were the 'trials' like - what were their' "crimes" - I had no idea that men and children were included in this travesty. I think it is so important for us to learn, or remember, what can happen when ignorance, fear, envy, and superstition take hold of a society. I appreciate Kent's dedicating five long years of research into the subject before putting ink on paper - it showed the final product.

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Interesting tale of a mother-daughter relationship. Somewhat slow at first. Definitely a sad book.

I was hoping for more details as to the content of the red book.

Salem Witch Trials, and the hysteria of being different.

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Very good

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