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The Good Man Jesus And The Scoundrel Christ (2000)

The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ (2000)

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1847678254 (ISBN13: 9781847678256)

About book The Good Man Jesus And The Scoundrel Christ (2000)

Despite the title, this is really not a book which will have people lighting up bonfires and raising pitchforks in a frenzied babble. In fact, it is a well-constructed retelling of the story of Jesus of Nazareth, touching upon weighty themes such as how institutional religion is not always faith, and history is not always truth. I've read the ending act a couple of times and am thoroughly surprised at how well it had ended on the note of ambiguity. The style of narrative also closely resembles the episodic nature of Biblical allegories, and having not taken any catechism classes, I am unable to comment beyond the style of writing. If anything, the title does it some injustice by immediately setting off alarm bells for what is otherwise a thoroughly enjoyable, and not (that) blasphemous a novel. Nothing that hasn't been said before and not even in a particularly interesting way either. I was expecting so much more but I suppose I finished this feeling the same way as I did the third book of the Dark Materials, it just seems to lack and I can't really put my finger on why. The concept was good in a way but I must say that had it not been such a short read in an easy format to digest I wouldn't have bothered. I managed it in one sitting because I knew I would not feel a compulsion to go back to it if I put it down.I understand Pullmans lack of faith in the main religious orders, but I thought his point would be more poignant but I did not feel anything and that is what is lacking, after all this is a novel not scripture and I like to feel something for a stories characters and I couldn't care less. I suppose this is where it lacked for me.

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A fascinating take on the Christian story, and a look at what religion is/might/should/could be.

Three stars- I just don't do novels- sorry. A good basis for a story- wasted on me though.

Not his best work. Written too simply.

Odd but entertaining


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