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The Good House (2013)

The Good House (2013)

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1250015545 (ISBN13: 9781250015549)
St. Martin's Press

About book The Good House (2013)

I enjoyed this book, for the most part. I will say I think it is a 'chick book', I don't think most men would appreciate the self deprecating humor when the main character starts talking about her sagging body, even her knees, whereas I could completely identify. However, there were many times I wanted to just shake her, and tell her "yes, you are an alcoholic, how can you not see that?" There are lots of quirky characters, and I enjoyed seeing the different relationship changing and evolving. I good, curl up with a cup of tea, don't take it serious, type of book. Fabulous reading by Mary Beth Hurt. Actually, it was way more than reading - a full PERFORMANCE of the book, complete with the reader using different voices for different characters and lots of intonation and drama. The reading vastly enhanced my enjoyment.The content of the book was also first rate. The main character, Hildy, is an alcoholic real estate agent in a small Massachusetts town (like Marblehead), who narrates the goings-on in town, with houses and real estate at the center of the action. It was enlightening to hear what an alcoholic thinks, how she rationalizes her drinking, her rage at her daughters' holding an intervention, her feeling that others don't care how she feels about her drinking, her persistent denial that she has a problem, despite several blackouts. A very good read.

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